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High Rope Course

Experience nature and thrilling adventure all at the same time at heights of 5 - 14 metres!

The high rope course is located in the middle of a forest, in the Zemmschlucht Gorge between Mayrhofen and Ginzling and has been constructed around natural trees to fit in with the natural environment.


The rope course was designed and built in its entirety by our mountain guides according to the latest European rope course specifications. Impressive Drops of up to 88 metres into the Zemmschlucht gorge will demand your complete attention.


3 zip lines of 120 metres in length enable you to move from station to station, or get back down to the forest floor.

A few facts on the high rope course

  • Level of difficulty: easy, moderate
  • Type: Nepal bridge, rope bridge, spider web, Charly Chaplin, 3 Flying-Fox
  • Open: 1st May to 1st November 2013
  • Total tour time: 2 hours
  • Age: from 10 years, from 140 cm in height or accompanied children
  • Please bring: sport or hiking shoes, good humour, courage and dexterity
  • Requirement: a good head for heights
  • We provide: guided tour of the high rope course, equipment prior registration by phone is required!
  • Meeting point: at the high rope course
  • Prices:

Gamstour - Moderate


€ 29,-- for adults

€ 25,-- for young persons aged between 12 and 16 years

€ 20,-- for children aged between 6 and 12 years


Steinbock Tour - Difficult

€ 35,-- für Erwachsene und Kinder


Combined Tour:

Gams Tour and Steinbock Tour € 55,-- per person


  • Location: B 169 – in the direction of Ginzling – 200 m to the rear of the former Gasthof Jochberg, parking available

More information:

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